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Yonlay Cabrera (Cuba)

Yonlay Cabrera(Cuba)

ヨンレイ カブレラ(キューバ)
メディアアート/Media Art

– 略歴 –

– Biography –
Yonlay Cabrera’s (Cuba, 1988) oeuvre extends from his research in affective engineering, machine learning and combinatory optimization. Creative director of multidisciplinary collaborative projects based in computational systems, his work is oriented to generate situations of social self-recognition by exploring issues like agency, behavior and environment.

Between 2012 and 2017 he makes several solo shows, and takes part in collective expositions in the most important Cuban galleries and institutions. He obtains the Antonia Eiriz Grant (2013) and Studio 21 Grant (2015). In 2014 he graduates from Art History in the Arts and Letters Faculty of Havana University.

In the middle of 2018 he moved to Tokyo as a Research Student at Tama Art University, with the support of the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship. From 2018 on he has worked in collaboration with Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Science (MIMS).

As a complement of his work as an artist he also works professionally in UI/UX design, Front-end development and Motion graphics.

Currently he lives and works between Havana and Tokyo.

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