ARTnSHELTER would welcome residence artists for the coming year, 2020. This program includes up to 90 days stay at ARTnSHELTER and exhibition. Last year, we had more than 10 artists stayed and enhanced their career. Our primary focus is to raise the visibility of your artmaking process.

Therefore, the program includes submission of progress report, artist talk and final exhibition to public. We are looking for visual artists, and who is willing to spend 90 days.


To apply the program, please submit your information with portfolio to the link below.


We are looking forward to seeing your applications.



ARTnSHELTER is an international creative hub based in Tokyo. We are a hostel, gallery, cafe/bar and fabrication space. Our aim is to connect creative people all over the world. Residence artists will have access to the fabrication facilities.


ARTnSHELTER is a creative co-op, which has exhibition space, fabrication space, bar, cafe and hostel at the same building. By staying in this environment, you would meet so many other creative people and have opportunities to boost your artistic career!

We established this space in 2015, we have had so many creators stay here before, and we are welcoming new comers anytime. We want to support your creativity!


Get inspired by the environment and be creative.



【Detailed information】


Application deadline: 1st of October 2019

Submission link:


*We will select artists from those who submit an application, those who are selected artists will be staying and exhibiting for free. *We will not cover transportation, living and production costs.



We provide:

Promotion of your artworks on our website.

Workshop to use digital fabrication tools.

Opportunity for artist talk and exhibition during your stay.

Accommodation (in our hostel)



Tel:+81 3-3765-2288


Representative:Kohei Kanomata