By Gillian Kayrooz

2019/9/6(Fri)〜2019/9/17(Tue) 15:00~23:00
レセプションパーティー/Opening Party 2019/9/6(Sat) 19:00~23:00
ギャラリートーク/Gallery Talk 2019/9/6(Sat) 20:00~
Place: ARTnSHELTER (東京都品川区東大井1-19-10 )

Analog Design Lab合同会社が有するギャラリーARTnSHELTER(東京都品川区東大井1-19-10)は2019年9月6日から2019年9月17日までジリアン・ケイルーズによる展示会『MOSS モス』を開催する。苔をテーマとした展示は、作家自身が苔のように日本に根を張り、広がりながら成長する比喩的な表現として制作された作品を展示する。

Moss, a vast growing universal plant, is symbolic of Kayrooz’s desire to expand and develop her practice internationally in Japan this summer.
Please join the artist to celebrate the opening of her solo show at ArtnShelter 2019/09/06 from 19:00 including an artist talk at 20:00.
The exhibition consists of a series of work recently developed in the Hokkaido town of Sumikawa. Featuring a collection of organic material and man made debris from the parkland and surroundings of Mt.Tenjinyama. Through the use of a scanner, the floral matter and plastic consumables are brought to life through a video series whilst drawing aesthetic similarities to the dutch vanitas genre of still-life. It is accompanied by silk photographic prints suspended throughout the space. These delicate pieces mimic the film’s floating content through human movement within the space. Alternatively their transparency lends itself to viewing multiple works in the gallery simultaneously.