Rastko Vidović

All I can do is sigh

All I can do is sigh

By Rastko Vidović

2019/9/20(Fri)〜2019/10/7(Mon) 15:00~23:00
レセプションパーティー/Opening Party 2019/9/20(Fri) 19:00~23:00
Place: ARTnSHELTER (東京都品川区東大井1-19-10 )

Analog Design Lab合同会社が有するギャラリーARTnSHELTER(東京都品川区東大井1-19-10)は2019年9月20日から2019年10月7日までラスコ・ヴィドリッチによる展示会『All I can do is sigh』を開催します。

ARTnSHELETR will host Rastko Vidović solo exhibition “All I can do is sigh” from 2019 September 20th until October 7th. At the exhibition the artist displays his painting inspired by his stay in Tokyo.
Rastko mostly focuses on colorful brush drawings and symbolist or figurative storytelling to keep a diary of emotional landscapes or simply honor moments spent with others during his stay in Tokyo. Preferred medium is acrylic since its fast-drying process helps encapsulate fleeting mood of the moment.
In a karaoke bar where images like these were hung on the walls, you’d probably find people singing and dancing to a decadent, 80’s infused electronic sound.