No Reality: Defragging Space and Time

No Reality: Defragging Space and Time

No Reality: Defragging Space and Time

By Daniel Sabio

2019/12/13(Fri)〜2019/12/22(Sun) 15:00~23:00
レセプションパーティー/Opening Party 2019/12/13(Fri) 19:00~23:00
クロージングパーティー/Closing Party 2019/12/22(Fri) 19:00~23:00
Place: ARTnSHELTER (東京都品川区東大井1-19-10 )


空間と時間に人が干渉する時の根底にある物に対してダニエル・サビオは二つの作品(Justin TimeとBlack Iris)を通して問いかけています。また、本展はダニエル・サビオ初の個展となります。

Justin Time

Justin Time は時間という概念を具体化した詩的なVRインスタレーションです。人としての認識に場の量子論が影響する事を前提に作品は数々の現実の行き来を可能にし、独自性という意識の根本を問い詰めている。


Black Iris


Black Iris は私たちの目にある瞳が実際にブラックホールであるという、一つの事実を具体化した、音にフォーカスを当てたAR(拡張現実)インスタレーション作品です。


In his debut solo exhibition, Sabio shares two pieces (Justin Time and Black Iris) questioning the foundation of our human relationship with space and time.

Justin Time

Justin Time is a poetic VR (virtual reality) installation personifying the concept of time. Based on research in quantum field theories and their implication on the human experience, it allows a transport to a multiplicity of realities and questions the underpinnings of existence as an identified self.

The installation is realized through poetry and virtual reality. Upon the walls of the gallery, poetry is painted as letters to (Justin) time, inquiring about its mysteries and indulging it with imaginative possibilities. Within virtual reality, a participant embodies Justin, and is given the ability to travel between different time-spaces and freely and openly explore the environments within, absorbing the content as both the human they are and the embodied form they have acquired.

Black Iris

Imagine our pupils as blackholes, absorbing and consuming endlessly into a mass of darkness. Are these endless folds where “we” begin?

Black Iris is a sound-focused AR (augmented reality) installation embodying a reality where our eyes’ pupils are actually black holes. These black holes continually absorb the information around us, folding in on themselves to constitute the matter with which forms our brains, and directs our bodies. This piece takes a stark and intense look at how we use our eyes and what makes up the worlds we live in.

The aim is for a deeper questioning of what we use our eyes for, and where our focus lies throughout measured time. In addition, it intends to spark an analysis of our intimacy and closeness to the digital and physical realities we inhabit and engage with, and where our internal loyalties lie.

This project is supported by ARTnSHELTER Residency and BoseXR.